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Assisi is blessed with a magnificent location on the hill of Mount Subasio, in the green heart of Italy and Umbria. The city is located high above and it can be seen from afar. You will be awestruck by the rare beauty of the landscape . Assisi is the birthplace of the widely known and largely followed Saint Francis of Assisi; The Order of Saint Frances is the largest monastic order in the catholic community, accordingly Assisi is the destination for many pilgrims from all over the world.

Parco del Monte Subasio

The Mount separates and together connects, like a natural frame, the historical centers of Assisi, Spello, Valtopina and Nocera Umbra as a unifying element of the landscape. History, nature and culture blend in the Subasio and Assisi, whose historical nucleus is in the Park.
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Gubbio is one of Italy’s best preserved medieval towns. It’s history is rich in religious events and thus makes it an ideal destination for pilgrimages. The town is located on the upper side of Mount Igino and is one Umbria’s most ancient cities. Just outside the city you will find the remains of a 1st-century Roman theatre.In summer, various classical music concerts are held..these are unique and distinctive events worth seeing more than once.


Constructed on a hill, it is the perfect destination for those who love history. It’s peculiar position on the top of a hill didn’t allow the for the city to expand,therefore it has remained the same in the course of the centuries. The walls of the old city are almost all intact. In the center,Piazza del Popolo is so alluring that it has been the setting for many films over the last decades; also the famous film studios of Cinecittà are located nearby .

Festa del Sole (Rieti)

The festival of the sun is an event held at the end of July in Rieti. The different districts of the town compete in water sports in the Velino river. The festival isn’t limited to one event, but is a series of events and races such as : pugil stick sparring,bicycle race on water on pontoon bikes, a paddle boat race and a swimming competition...etc.